Iron Horse Nature Park and Open Space Project

PROJECT SCOPE: The Iron Horse Nature Park and Open Space Project: Phase 1 (Project) located in Dublin, California is a nature park and open space with a trail and recreation facilities. The Project area will extend approximately 2,000 feet north from the intersection of Amador Valley Boulevard along a former railroad embankment and into existing facilities at Stagecoach Park. The Project will include a new 12-foot-wide asphalt concrete (AC) paved trail spanning approximately 2,000 linear feet with two-foot-wide aggregate base (AB) shoulders on either side. Spur pedestrian trails will be constructed near the north end of the Project to connect to the existing Iron Horse Trail to the west and Stagecoach Park to the east. Both spur trails will include an embankment and/or ramp and culverts to convey existing drainage swales. Near the northern end of the Project an existing railroad trestle bridge associated with the former railroad containing creosote-coated wood will be removed, and a new arch bridge with concrete headwall and wingwalls and embankment will be constructed in its place. The Project also includes park and landscape amenities, fiber optics conduits, planting, irrigation, recycle water relocation, and concrete sidewalk, curb, gutter, and driveway.
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