Cultural Arts Center

The proposed project consists of the renovation of the existing police department building in the Dublin civic center, changing the building’s occupancy to assembly A-3. The renovation includes: major reconstruction of the first floor where all interior construction, finishes, and systems will be replaced with new layout to accommodate a new Dublin Cultural Arts Center, minor renovations to the second floor of the building with most walls to remain to provide staff spaces for the parks and community services department, replacement of the roof and HVAC equipment for the building, structural upgrades to the column/beam connections, and minor improvements to the site for accessibility compliance. The first floor's program consists of a black box performance/event space, gallery, art classrooms, dance studio, music studio, and an exterior ceramics yard enclosed by fences. The second floor's program consists of offices for the parks and community services department, two new restrooms, two new showers, a new janitor’s closet, a break room, a conference room, a lactation room, and a fitness room for the city staff.This will be a LEED project with requirements to meet Silver criteria.
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